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What is Bowen Therapy and How Can it Help You? 
Having found your way to this page, it’s likely you’ve heard of Bowen therapy – but how much do you know about what it is? 
I get asked all sorts of questions [link to FAQ maybe??] about what to expect from Bowen therapy, and this feels like a good place to share. 
So, What is Bowen All About Then? 
Bowen therapy was developed, over 50 years ago, by an Australian called Tom Bowen. The therapy is a form of bodywork - using a series of moves on the body’s fascia (this is the soft tissue under our skin); Bowen stimulates natural responses within our system to restore our own amazing capacity for self-healing. 
This restoration of signals can treat both physical and emotional conditions by allowing your energy to flow through pathways which had become blocked or unused. Because of the nature of Bowen therapy, working with the fascia, it can be used to work on longstanding conditions which haven’t previously responded to treatment. It works well on damage which underlies a surface injury – even long-established damage. 
You may have heard the term holistic used in relation to Bowen therapy, this is because the work done through Bowen will bring benefits to the body as a whole. Many people seeking help with specific areas of pain will find relief more widely, often including decreased levels of stress. 
When Would You Try Bowen Therapy? 
Because of the gentle nature of Bowen therapy, it’s a safe and effective treatment for all kinds of patients – very young to very old – and all kinds of conditions. 
Among the many physical conditions which can be treated with Bowen therapy, common complaints include: 
- back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle and foot problems. 
Bowen has also effectively treated: 
- headaches, respiratory problems, ear infections, bowel problems and hormonal conditions. 
It has also been found that Bowen can successfully work on a number of emotional conditions including: 
- depression and anxiety. 
The manipulation done within a treatment allows the nervous system to reset from the sympathetic (triggered through stress and pain) to parasympathetic, the state needed for rest, repair and relax. 
What Would You Expect from a Bowen Treatment? 
The first part of any Bowen therapy will be an opportunity for the therapist to get to know you, to understand your medical history and develop a picture of your concerns. 
The treatment itself can be done while clothed – loose clothing should be worn to a session. Because the treatment can be done while clothed, and the movements made by the therapist are gentle, whilst Bowen therapy is extremely effective it will also be a comfortable experience. 
How Does Bowen Therapy Work? 
The light pressure applied through manipulation in the Bowen treatment, provides messages to the nervous system allowing healing to occur. These messages aren’t only focused on those areas of manipulation but throughout the entire system, one session of Bowen Therapy can provide relief across a number of areas. 
How Do I Find the Right Bowen Therapist? 
All qualified Bowen therapists will have received training and guidance from recognised Bowen trainers. These registered therapists are therefore part of a community with guidelines, codes of conduct and ethics. To find the right therapist for you, have a look at these organisations: 
I hope that this has given you a better picture of how Bowen therapy can help. Of course, if there’s anything I’ve missed I’d be happy to help, leave a comment or contact me. 
And if you’d like to experience Bowen therapy for yourself, I’d love to hear from you.. 
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