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What is Reiki? 

Reiki is the Japanese art of stress reduction and relaxation that promotes the body’s natural healing processes. There is a belief that the unseen ‘life force energy’ (Qi or Chi or Ki) flows through the body along certain pathways, keeping the body functioning at optimal level. When these energetic pathways are exposed to stress and pressures of today’s fast paced life they can stagnate in certain areas creating ‘dis-ease’ 
During a Reiki session the Reiki Practioner will administer Reiki by ‘laying on hands’ at various parts of the clients body, this will allow the client to draw energy that is required to relax the body and mind allowing its natural healing processes to engage. 

Reiki Lineage 

Usui Reiki Rhoyo 
Mikao Usui 
Kanichi Taketome 
Kimiko Koyama 
Hiroshi Doi 
Frans Stiene (International House of Reiki) 
Joyce McKay 
Susan Davis 
Monica Alves Teixeira Tebbutt 

What can I expect from a Treatment? 

A treatment will typically last between 45mins to an hour. During this time you will be lying fully clothed on a massage bed with your eyes closed focussing on your breath. The laying of the hands will be contact or non contact depending on the client’s wishes. 
During the treatment you may feel the following: 
Very Relaxed 
Or you may completely relax letting your mind drift into a peaceful place. 
All of these are normal responses to the Reiki Session 
After the session you will be encouraged to sit up in your own time and drink a glass of water to cleanse any toxins that may have been released. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated, your breath will be deep and full. 


A big thank to Monica for the Reiki session I received this week. She is so kind and gentle that it felt like the process began before I hopped on the bed and the energy she transfers was really warm and relaxing. It helped to remove the end of a nasty bug I have had for weeks as well as giving me a fantastic nights sleep.. I would definitely recommend her skills to anyone especially if she has her cards with her too :) xx 
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