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Bowen Case Studies & Testimonials 

Sciatica – Case Study 

A client came to me with a history of intermittent sciatic pain that was so debilitating that it sometimes caused him to lose a few days at work. 
A full consultation was undertaken and over the course of the next four sessions we addressed the lower back, knees, hamstrings, feet and pelvis which provided great relief. 
During the first session Monica made sure she understood my particular issues and followed up in subsequent sessions to understand any progress or changes. 
I found the treatments very pleasant and there were times when Monica had to gently bring me back from a state of deep relaxation. After the sessions I did not have any problems with my back but I also found that my legs felt much better.  
GH Wellingborough 

Shoulder Pain - Case Study 

A client came to me with presenting shoulder pain. MRI had shown that there was a bone growth that needed removing and his surgery was 3 months away. He was in significant pain with limited mobility.  
We applied a series of Bowen Therapy procedures on a weekly basis and found that the pain reduced and mobility increased slightly improving the clients overall well being. Client felt much better prepared for the surgery.  
I was suffering from a structural problem that I was waiting for surgery to correct. While I knew that Monica would not be able to fix the main problem, I thought it would be nice to try something different and see if she may be able help with my discomfort. 
The results were incredible. I felt so much better and stronger to cope with my situation and up and coming operation. 
There was a relief in the pain I was encountering and I felt physically and spiritually balanced. 
Monica was also able to greatly assist me to relax prior to an exam, which I was very grateful for. 
I full recommend Monica. A truly amazing therapist
PD - Brixworth 


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