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Bowen Frequently Asked Questions 

Will I see immediate improvement? 

You will generally feel a sense of relaxation and overall wellbeing after the first session and may experience pain relief but it is all dependant on the condition that is being presented. 

Is it suitable during pregnancy? 

Bowen is a gentle technique that may support you during your pregnancy helping you deal with fatigue, nausea, morning sickness and emotional effects of the hormonal changes in your body. It may assist with lower back pain, sciatica, swollen legs and ankles, and relief from gastric discomfort, breathing and heartburn. Bowen also has some procedures that may support and promote lactation post partum. 

Can I have Bowen alongside other therapies? 

To benefit fully from Bowen Therapy it is best to pause other therapies/modalities whilst undergoing the Bowen Procedures so that you can fully experience its effects. 

Is there anything I shouldn’t do after a Bowen Treatment? 

After a Bowen treatment you should not apply hot or cold compresses or rub the affected area excessively. 

Does Bowen work on Meridians or accupunture points? 

Bowen Therapy may pass over some points that may be considered meridian or acupuncture points but fundamentally Bowen works on stimulating the fascia to send signals to the nervous system to rebalance itself. 

Is Bowen a form of massage? 

No, Bowen is a remedial soft tissue therapy, applying gentle movements across specific muscles tendons and ligaments. 

How many sessions will I need? 

The number of sessions required will be dependant on the presenting condition and the body’s response to the therapy. 

What issues/conditions may Bowen support? 

Neck Pain/Whiplash 
Tinnitis/Ear Problems 
Frozen Shoulder 
Hay Fever 
Digestive & Bowel Conditions 
Knee, Hamstring, Ankle & Foot Problems 
Tennis/Golfers Elbow 
Nausea & Infant Colic 
Carpal Tunnel / RSI 
Pregnancy, Fertility and Menstrual problems 
Back Pain / Sciatica 
Joint and Muscle Problems 
Sports and Accident Injuries 
Stress Management 
Chronic Fatigue 
Respiratory Conditions 
Wellbeing / Re-alignment & Health 
Stress and Relaxation 

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