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Bowen Therapy 
Bowen Therapy Northampton

What is Bowen? 

Bowen is a holistic soft tissue remedial therapy that uses gentle rolling motions over tendons, ligaments and muscles at specific points of the body and aims to promote stress reduction, improve sleep and rebalance the body system. The gentle movements on the fascia provide in input point for the body to rebalance, it stimulates the body’s own healing processes to provide balance and harmony. The gentle nature of the technique means that it is gentle enough for everybody from newborns to the elderly. 
Bowen Therapy Northampton

The Origins of Bowen 

Bowen Therapy was developed in the 1950’s by the late Tom Bowen in Geelong Australia, he was a celebrated therapist seeing over 13,000 clients annually at his clinic. In 1974 Tom met Oswald Rentsch and invited him to learn the therapy technique with him. From 1974 -1986 Oswald Rentsch trained under Tom Bowen documenting all the various techniques and preparing a training modules to teach others how to offer this wonderful therapy. Oswald and Elaine Rentsch founded the Bowen Association of Australia in 1986 and started teaching. I learned the technique from Helen Mary Perkins a Bowen Therapy UK instructor. 
Bowen Therapy Northampton

What Happens During a Bowen Therapy Session? 

During the first session a consultation form will be filled in and full history will be documented. This is important to help define what procedures will be best suited for the client on that specific day. The techniques will be recorded on the consultation form. Depending on what is required the client may lay on the massage bed for the treatment or may be asked to sit or stand whilst the procedures are being conducted. Treatment may be performed on skin, or equally well through light clothing. 
There are pauses between procedures where the client will be asked to breathe normally and relax and allow the body to rebalance itself. 

Bowen Therapy may be used for.... 

Neck Pain/Whiplash 
Tinnitis/Ear Problems 
Frozen Shoulder 
Hay Fever 
Digestive & Bowel Conditions 
Knee, Hamstring, Ankle & Foot Problems 
Tennis/Golfers Elbow 
Nausea & Infant Colic 
Carpal Tunnel / RSI 
Pregnancy, Fertility and Menstrual Problems 
Back Pain / Sciatica 
Joint and Muscle Problems 
Sports and Accident Injuries 
Stress Management 
Chronic Fatigue 
Respiratory Conditions 
Wellbeing / Re-alignment & Health 
Stress and Relaxation 
Just had an amazing Bowen therapy session with the lovely Monica and I can't thank her enough! I feel totally relaxed and already certain problem areas feel completely different after once session. She made me feel totally at ease and was completely professional throughout. Definitely recommend and can't wait for another session! 
Lucy Rhiannon Blanchard 


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