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Are you feeling tired, listless, out of sorts but can’t really put your finger on it. There is nothing specifically wrong but you are not feeling at your best and you don’t know what to do. 
Do you ever wish your body had a ‘restore factory settings button’? 
Well Bowen Technique is a great complementary therapy that helps you reset your personal ‘factory settings’ It stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms. As a Bowen therapist we input the ‘moves – soft remedial massage touch’ at certain parts of the body and then we pause to allow the body to reset itself. 
We are born with a clean bill of health and a blueprint for our optimal running and efficiency. Unfortunately, this does not last long beyond our childhood and as we add more (apps) – stress and emotional trauma the more sluggish and slow our operating system becomes. All of this takes up space and memory in our system and parts of our body start to ache and refusing to work in the way that we are accustomed to. Now on your PC or phone you would perform a ‘ctrl, alt, delete, or force quit or switch it off and back on again and it usually this does the trick but how do we do that with our bodies? 
Well that is where Bowen Technique comes into its own. 
By stimulating certain points on the body we are performing a ‘factory reset’. Stimulating the body’s own natural healing properties to alleviate aches and pains and improve your overall sense of well being. 
The moves are gentle massage touches and we usually start with lower back, mid back and neck and then address any specific problem areas. 
It is a rather strange technique because sometimes you feel like nothing is happening but a few hours later or the next day you start feeling your body change. One of my clients came for a restricted neck, after the procedure he said well I don’t feel any different. I asked him to trust the process. The next day he posted this on my Facebook page 
“ I haven't been able to look around to the right hand side for the last 2 weeks. One treatment with this brilliant lady and now I can.’’ 
If you are curious, why not give us a call and try the process out for yourself. 
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