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Very often we will take some OTC pain medication for back, neck, shoulder pain. We might go see the doctor and the advice is some rest and more pain medication. We may even be referred for physio or some similar treatment. All of this is good practice and often solves the problems. But what when it doesn’t? … 
Where it gets very frustrating is that the shoulder pain for example just does not seem to shift. No matter what you try, rounds of pain medication and physio for your shoulder but the paid just does not shift. We often wonder why, and no one seems to be able to give us an answer. 
One of the answers could be that the shoulder is not the problem. The shoulder is where the body finally decides to take a stand and highlight our suffering. Our body is a complex machine with many connections and links so the shoulder pain we feel could be related to the gall bladder, the neck, the lower back, but because we have only been treating the pain site we have not addressed the root cause of the problem. 
As a Bowen therapist, we take a full case history mapping out traumas that the body has received over time, we then assess the body in a standing posture and a horizontal posture lying supine (face up) and prone (face down), this is all part of the diagnostic before we start treating. 
Often, we will start working on the lower back and middle back and sometimes not even address the shoulder during the treatment. This is all normal and part of the process because once you have released the root cause of the problem the pain in the shoulder disappears and no work is required. 
As a Bowen Therapist I am always delighted to surprise clients by treating other parts of the body to relieve the pain they are presenting. 
If you are struggling with a non-resolving pain/ache and can’t seem to find a resolution, it may be worth considering alternatives. Give Bowen Therapy a try 
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